Responsible Use Policy for Technology
Saint Michael School
Cranford, New Jersey

Saint Michael School has a variety of technology resources available to our students. Students use these resources to further extend their learning. The students begin with simple concepts in Kindergarten and extend those concepts in many ways until they graduate in the eighth grade.

The use of these resources comes with a need for every student to act responsibly so that we can all benefit from the equipment for years to come. These rules will be taught and reviewed so that all students are comfortable with their role in the school environment.

We require all students to follow these rules.
  • Treat the equipment with care and report any problems to the teacher in charge so that the problems can be identified and fixed.
  • Keep personal identity information private. Students are given user names and passwords that protect their identity.
  • Maintain content on all computers and the Internet that reflect a scholarly attitude. The teacher in charge of each computer tasks monitors all work.
  • In collaborative projects with students outside our building, the students will practice digital citizenship. Students will learn to contribute to group work while expressing themselves in a manner that demonstrates sensitivity to the feelings of others.
  • Utilize equipment while respecting the cost of services. The students are taught to use printer supplies, data storage, and Internet services in a manner that enhances their education. Care must be taken to avoid wasting paper and toner. It is important that game play, video, and audio viewing of a personal nature is reserved for home. This will allow the highest speed our DSL service is capable of providing for our educational services. The teachers will lead students in the use of games, video, and audio related to class lessons.
  • Students who choose to break a rule will be asked to explain the breaking of the rule in writing. The teacher in charge may contact the family to request assistance in helping the student understand the school’s requirements.

The National Educational Technology Standards serves as a guiding force behind our computer education. As the students learn various concepts, they will be using the computer to create audio and video content to reflect their learning. They will have the opportunity to display their work on our school wiki ( to a global audience. This form will act as general permission to showcase their video projects. Students will be given the option to refrain from publishing their work online on a project-by-project basis. Projects will not associate the student name and image.

Family Name:

Child# Student Name Grade Permission to participate in video projects
1 Yes/ No
2 Yes/ No
3 Yes/ No
4 Yes/ No
5 Yes/ No

Please return this form the first day of school.