Sample School Work

These examples come from classes around the country using these tools.

K-5 Examples

Video camera records first grade students in Canada spelling long words. See January 24, 2008 entry

Digital still camera records Kindergarten's friendship beads in New Hampshire

Fifth graders in Long Island sing songs for friends in Germany

Smartboard records students showing how they can show five in Canada(not on ERTC PC)

Long Island/ New Zealand Collaboration on Hemispheres Wiki OK (Winner of a Chase Multimedia in the Classroom award 2008)

KinderMathTrails Wiki OK

Math 247 Wiki OK K-7 Mathcasts

Third grade fiction wiki OK

Little Kids, Big Potential: How first grade class uses technology in Canada

Middle School Examples 8th grade English

USM Middle School Wiki OK Grades 5 to 8

Eighth Grade Math

Suffern Middle School in Second Life OK

Manyvoices Collaborative Story OK 10 teachers - 6 countries (Canada China Thailand England Qatar USA) 140 students

High School Examples

The "Alice Project" - 10th Grade English with student reflection videos.OK

American Government Blog

Youth Wiki OK

Flat Classroom Project OK

Extreme Biology Blog OK

AP Calculus 2008-09