There are so many different types of wikis. Some are created by teachers for teachers, some are created by teachers for students, some are created by students with teachers, some are simply school web pages or HomeSchool/PTA related.

By teachers with students

1. Monster Project Anna Baralt in Florida and I gathered several teachers to write monster descriptions, and draw pictures from the images.

2. Monster Project Reflections from second grade students at Saint Michael School reflect on what they and their partners did well, and could have done better on the Monster Project.

3. A wiki of educational wikis

4. Saint Michael Computer Class Wiki

5. Math 24/7 Wiki K-7

6. Copyright, Fair Use, and Plagiarism Middle School

7. British Romanticism High School

8. Flat Classroom Wiki Middle/ Late High School

9. Digiteen Project Middle School/ Early High School

For teachers by teachers:

1. Using Web 2.0 Tools with Primary Students

2. Using Web 2.0 Tools with Elementary Students

3. First Day of School

4. New Teacher

School web pages:

1. Mrs. Oro's Computer Wiki